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How to Submit

You can register as a conference participant by accessing the link below and creating a personal account on our website.

Abstracts for oral presentation, interactive posters, and symposia (thematic sessions) may only be submitted electronically through your personal account. You can fill in the details of your personal account, submit abstracts and pay the conference fee by using the link below.



When electronic submission is not possible, please contact our organizing committee at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Guidelines for the Submission of Symposia and Individual Presentations

Abstracts can be submitted for symposium (thematic session), paper presentation and interactive poster presentations. Symposia include thematically related papers and a discussant. Papers and posters are individual presentations that will be organized into thematic sessions.

Participants who wish to submit an individual paper may choose between an oral presentation and an interactive poster. Both oral presentations and posters submitted and accepted by the Scientific Committee will be grouped by track category into sessions, in order to promote communication among the presenters and participants and to facilitate discussion. As the distinction between oral presentations and posters is only a matter of presentation mode, submissions in both categories will be assessed by the same scientific criteria. The Scientific Committee will determine the final mode of presentation.

The total time slot for an individual presentation is not more than 20 minutes. The interactive poster sessions will also include a short 5 minutes oral presentation of the study. A symposium is scheduled to last between 90 to 120 minutes, and includes four or five presenters and a discussant, with time for discussion. Preference will be given to symposia that include speakers from more than one country.


Guidelines for the Preparation of Abstracts

Please choose a short title (with a maximum of 100 characters) that clearly indicates the content of the contribution.

Please ensure that your abstract contains no more than 350 words.

The author's name and affiliation details should be indicated.

Please indicate the track number (such as track 1: Education and Learning) from the track list that best describes the area or field of your presentation.

Please ensure that the abstract does not contain spelling, grammar or scientific notation errors to avoid such errors being reproduced in the conference materials. Please note that no editing will be done by the organizing committee.

Provide maximum pertinent information in the abstract.

The abstract should discuss the relevance of this paper for the gaming simulation society

The abstract should reflect the specific objective of study.

The abstract should reflect the methods used, if pertinent.

The abstract should reflect a summary of the results obtained, if pertinent.

The abstract should reflect the conclusions reached and/or recommendations made.

The proposal should discuss the degree to which it is innovative and brings new knowledge to the field of gaming and simulation

All proposed papers are submitted to a double blind peer review process. As a consequence of the peer review you might be asked to make small changes to your initial proposal.


Guidelines for poster presentations

When submitting and abstract for interactive poster presentation please prepare it using the same recommendations as for a regular oral presentation.

When preparing your final poster for the conference please take into consideration the following suggestions

Your poster should:

Provide a clear overview of your research work;

Be a starting point in order to initiate and stimulate discussions.

Have the same structure as any scientific article/ oral presentation

Use short sentences. Rephrase in order to condense the text whenever is possible.

Use diagram, tables, charts or figures if that’s appropriate

The following formatting characteristics are recommended:

Use an A0 size format (1189×841mm)

Please make sure that the font size is large enough for the poster to be easily read

Check spelling and grammar.

Please Note:

All posters should be printed before the Conference. The conference will not be poster printing facilities on site.

All posters are going to be organized into a interactive poster session, which means you need to also prepare a short, 5 minutes oral presentation of your poster