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The ISAGA 2012 Conference theme is "The Journey of Change: Mapping the process".

This section of the website should normally provide our understanding of it. Instead, our master plan is to bank on your creativity and obtain a shared understanding of what this theme is all about.

We feel like ISAGA is constantly balancing the seriousness of the research process generally associated with academics and the playfulness of full grown adults that are still able to have fun just like children. We are hoping that this years conference, in a good and long standing ISAGA tradition, can have an equal share of both.

When proposing this conference theme we certainly had both in mind. Change is constant and complex and multidimensional and basically everywhere, from within one individual up to communities and the whole of society. Journeys are supposed to be challenging and they are equally supposed to be fun. We believe looking closely into what change is, knowing why and how it happens can offer useful insights into the dynamics of the process.

So, just as a nudge in that general direction, we are thinking of trying out a tiny game before the conference. We encourage you to send us your ideas on what this theme should cover, so that you all contribute to the building of the shared understanding that we are looking for.

You can send your contributions to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   or to our twitter @isaga2012. Please make sure to put the word "THEME" in the title of the email, or at the beginning of your tweet.

The website will be updated regularly with your contributions. We will integrate them and the final result will be presented in the opening of the conference to serve as a general overview of what we should be expecting during that week.