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The Game Corner will take place on Friday the 6th of July 2012.

Unlike the rest of the conference, the Game Corner is also going to be open for single day registration.

ISAGA has always been about sharing the knowledge, love, passion and experiences about simulation games. While there are always multiple ways to do this, one of the best and most entertaining is to get to actually “play the game”. Our game corner this year is all about that.

It will offer the opportunity for all participants to either bring and present something they developed or that like to use or simply enjoy the fun and play somethings other have brought. We are looking for all kind and type of games to be presented. The game corner however is not just about the games. You may choose to present a book you find particularly interesting, or a book you wrote and want to share with the world. Just as well, you may find that you would like to talk some more on some specific topic that you are interested in and maybe have not fully covered in the previous days during the conference. The game corner will be the perfect opportunity to start such as discussion with people that share your interest.

The Game Corner is designed to take whatever form we might need on the spot. It is supposed to be “chaotic” in a creative sort of way and is completely in the hands of ISAGA 2012 participants. But because even “unorganized” needs planning and organization, we would like to kindly ask you to let us know during the first three days of the conference if you would like to present/ play something so that we can make sure that you have all the things you need at your disposal.

Everyday of the conference is going to end with a small recap session and this will provide a great opportunity for you to bring ideas for the game corner and find out what other people have planned for it as well. A list of contributions will be made available by Friday morning and then you can decide which activity to join.