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Final Conference Program 
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Conference Language: All conference sessions and events are going to take place in English.


Preliminary Scientific Program
The scientific program of the conference will feature keynote sessions as well as paper presentation, interactive poster presentations and game presentations. A game design session will run throughout the entire conference. Former ISAGA summer school participants will have the opportunity to present their summer school work-group products in a special game presentation session. The last day of the conference, Friday the 6th of July 2012 a game corner will be organized that we hope will give participants the opportunity to present and play games, present and buy books and share ideas.  


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General Program:


Sunday, July 01, 2012  -  Social program: Hello Drinks -  starting with 19.00

Monday, July 02, 2012:

Conference Opening - 10.00

Keynote Prof. Dr. Jan H.G. Klabbers: “Framing Change: Reflection-in-Action” - 11.30

Keynote Prof. Dr. Paola Rizzi: “Playing the city and city in play. On urban gaming simulation” - 14.00

Keynote Prof. Dr. Willy C. Kriz: “Gaming for Transformation” - 16.30

Social program: Opening cocktail - 19.00

Tuesday, July 03, 2012:

Paper presentations: Track 1. Education and Learning (1) & Track 5. Business and Management (1) - 09.30

Interactive session, Jan Klabbers: "Design Studio: A Self-Organizing approach" - 11.30

Paper presentations: Track 5. Business and Management (2) - 11.30

Interactive session, Martjin Koops: "The game’s task in the learning process" - 14.00

Paper presentations: Track 4. Team and Organization Development - 14.00

Presentation of the Simulation Center of the University of Medicine and Farmacy "Iuliu Hatieganu" - 17.00

Social program: City Tour - 18.00

Wednesday, July 04, 2012:

Paper presentations: Track 1. Education and Learning (2) - 09.30

Paper presentations: Track 1. Education and Learning (3) - 11.30

Paper presentations: Track 7. Theory testing using games and simulations - 14.00

Interactive Poster Presentation - 14.00

Social program:  Salt MIne Visit & Concert & Snack - 15.30

Thursday, July 05, 2012:

ISAGA General Assembly Meeting - 09.00

Interactive session, Willy Kriz: "SysTeamsChange® Change Management Simulation Game" - 11.00

Paper presentations: Track 8. Game design, theory and research (1) - 11.00

Interactive session, Markus Ulrich: "Workshop with the Simulation Game napuro on Corporate Sustainability" - 14.00

Paper presentations: Track 8. Game design, theory and research (2) - 14.00

Interactive session: Leif Sørensen: Presentation of MINDSETTER - 16.00

Paper presentations: Track 8. Game design, theory and research (3)- 16.00

Social Program: Gala dinner - 19.00

Friday, July 06, 2012:

Presentation of ISAGA 2013 - 09.30

Game corner - 10.00

Social Program: Goodbye drinks - 19.00


Conference book

The abstracts and descriptions of all accepted symposia and papers will be included in the Conference book. The text that you have submitted for the proposal of the symposia or paper will be used for this purpose. The authors are responsible for the content of the text to be included.

For questions about the Conference Book please contact us at

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Conference proceedings

After the conference the Conference Proceedings will be edited and published.
Only contributions of high quality, as assessed by the editors, will be admitted to the proceedings.

The editors will select the contributions that fit best the theme and sub theme of the Proceedings.

The editors may ask you to apply (small) adjustments to your manuscript.

The proceedings will become available in printed form; the book will have an ISBN-number.

Further and more elaborate procedures for the Conference Proceedings will follow later.